Beyond The Numbers

Market research and analysis make up a huge part of my process. Without them, I’d be taking wild stabs in the dark with my creative work.

Together, they help me build an evidence-based perspective on what’s happening within a particular market system: that is, what kinds of people inhabit said system, what types of tools they use, and what sorts of motivations dictate their behavior.

However, I always make a point of reminding myself that quantitative research/data, while incredibly useful, is merely a guide that supports my process. It doesn’t inform every single decision I make.

It can’t.

…you can only solve complex problems when you blend analysis with human intuition.

This is because data analysis can provide a view of “what was” and can even offer insight into “what is,” but it can’t account for “what could be.” It’s descriptive, not predictive. It’s static rather than dynamic. And it doesn’t factor in that all-important business resource: possibility.

Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial to remember that new ideas should be the direct result of both statistical information and imaginative thinking. After all, you can only solve complex problems when you blend analysis with human intuition.

Think of it this way: Solutions that aren’t particularly obvious on the surface? They can be a saving grace for your company. But you won’t find them if all you’re looking at is numbers.

It’s no secret that data and creativity are complementary. They work hand in glove. As you approach your next challenge, be mindful that it’s never either/or with these two — it’s both.

Always training.